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Undateable Types To Avoid On A Hook Up Site

You can have a lot of fun chatting and flirting with hot guys that you’ve clicked with on Gay Adult Chat. The UK’s busiest gay phone chat service is where you’ll find tons of horny guys looking for a hook up. You will though come across some undateable types to avoid on our hook up site.

While there are plenty of friendly real men from all over the UK that are keen to date you, there are also a few types that are best avoided.

The Macho Man

The Macho Man is all about outward perfection. He prides himself on his physical appearance, and judges others likewise. You’ll easily spot him, as his dating profile pic will be showing off rock hard abs or another body part that he’s worked on.

As Macho Man is solely focused on his good looks, he’s likely covering up internalised issues that he refuses to deal with. His personality and conversational skills may also be somewhat lacking.

On a date night, you’ll be expected to complement Macho Man on his physique, and to keep the conversation going. This guy is only interested in hooking up with hot men who share his insecurities.

The Racist

The good-looking dude with the overly detailed profile often has a preference for his own race. Regardless of how damn hot he looks, he’s really not worth your time and energy, if he’s picky about skin colour, ethnicity or nationality.

The Sizeist

Unlike Macho Man, who’s obsessed with his own body, the Sizeist is more concerned about yours.

This sly guy is exceptionally picky about everyone’s body size. He’s unlikely to give you a second glance, if your body isn’t buff enough or your body shape and physique don’t conform to his particular personal preferences. And his precise sizing requirements are not restricted to clothes-on appearance. What you’re packing in your underpants also matters to the Sizeist.

The ‘Raw’ Guy

Although sex without a condom feels great, making that requirement an essential obligation is definitely a deal breaker. Unfortunately, the ‘Raw’ Guy doesn’t pay attention to other people’s sexual health or personal preferences.

The gay guy who’s into barebacking gets his kicks from risky sexual practices, and is best avoided if you want to enjoy sex that’s safe. If he’s upfront and direct about what he likes, simply let him know you’re just not into the same things.

Sometimes though, the ‘Raw’ Guy may not come clean until the situation gets passionate on a hot date. If that’s the case, don’t let him pressure you into doing anything that’s not right for you.

The ‘I’m Not Sure What I’m Looking For’ Guy

As it’s so easy to connect live for 1-2-1 NSA flirting fun on Gay Adult Chat, from time to time you may find that you click with the ‘I’m Not Sure What I’m Looking For’ Guy.

The dude that creates a dating profile or sends a cheeky message before he knows what he’s looking for is likely to arrange a date, and then let you down because he’s changed his mind. Time spent chatting and flirting with this guy won’t get you anywhere.

If he only wants to chat, let him know that your time is limited, as you could be having fun, and sex, with someone who’s genuinely interested.

The ‘Relationship Only’ Guy

The ‘Relationship Only’ Guy is often found lurking on chat and hook up sites, simply because he’s covering all bases, in the hope of finding Mr Right. If you click with him, beware of the connection moving far too quickly.

Guys who are in a hurry to move beyond casual dating are mostly compensating. This guy may be recently single after the breakup of a long-term relationship, or just super needy.

If you’re only keen on dating Mr Right Now, take control of the situation and let him know what you’re looking for, before he gets in too deep.

The Potential Stalker

If you suddenly find that there’s one guy who’s paying you a LOT of attention, on a hook up site, beware. Being love bombed may initially stroke your ego, but no one wants to end up with a crazy stalker who’s obsessed with you.

The PS will bombard you with messages, texts and dick pics long before you’ve even agreed to meet on a date.

When chatting and flirting with hot guys on Gay Adult Chat always play safe, whether you’re sharing personal information, meeting in person, or hooking up for casual sex.