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5 Reasons Not To Date Hot Married Men

Hot married manOn Gay Adult Chat – the UK’s busiest gay phone chat line service – it’s super easy to flirt with hot and horny guys. You can chat, practice your flirting and seduction techniques, and make arrangements to meet on a date with real men from all over Great Britain. Read our 5 reasons not to date hot married men.

Although many of the flirtatious and friendly guys that you connect with online are free and single, there’s also a chance you’ll encounter gay, bi-curious and straight men looking to fool around and cheat on their partner.

While having a steamy affair can certainly offer ample opportunities to exercise your passion and libido, hooking up with a married man is a dating option you need to disregard as soon as it pops up into your head.

Here are 5 reasons why…

  1. You give, he takes

Dating a married man requires you to give far more than you’ll ever receive in return. As your availability will always be dependent on his schedule, he’s in full control of your dating life.

When planning to hook up, as a single guy you’re likely to have the whole day reserved for him. The married man however can only offer you a few hours of his time as he has other, more important commitments.

And after a passionate overnight encounter, the married guy will make a speedy getaway as soon as he can, leaving you feeling lonely and rejected.

  1. His actions speak louder than words

A hot married man will give you plenty of evidence that he avoids dealing with situations head on. His sneaky and devious behaviour, and fooling around antics, will clearly show you how little respect he has for the partner that he’s supposedly committed to. Having an illicit affair with you simply makes up for what he’s missing in his relationship.

Being bold enough to betray the trust that his partner has for him is a red flag that you should never ignore. If the married guy you’re dating can so easily lie and cheat on his partner, there’s zero guarantee that he’s not taking the same action behind your back. You may be one of many NSA dating options that he has lined up.

  1. Being his little secret disempowers you

As a ‘secret’, you have limited freedom to express your desires within a relationship with a married man. Although it can be exciting and thrilling to date someone in secret, not being able to go to public places as a couple can make you feel disempowered and sad.

Being his dirty little secret can have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and emotional wellbeing. There are no opportunities for PDAs, or for walking together freely and showing off your loved up glow. You also won’t be able to share special moments with the hitched guy you have the hots for, as he’ll probably have a no-contact rule that limits when you can text or phone him.

The married man is permanently on alert mode, as he’s worried about his partner finding out that he’s playing around. And if you’re dating one who is bi-curious or straight, he’s likely to be constantly on the lookout, to avoid anyone discovering that he’s exploring his sexuality.

  1. He’ll never commit to you

Even if the guy you’re dating is in an unhappy or unsatisfying marriage, he’ll have no intention of getting out of the relationship, if he has you on the sidelines as a casual NSA dating option.

Yes, he may say that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, but if he’s going home to his partner after a romantic date with you, he’ll never give you a serious commitment. You will always be a backup plan for the married man who has no desire to walk away from his committed relationship, player lifestyle and home comforts.

  1. You’ll miss out on better dating opportunities

When you make the choice to date a married man, you instantly block other suitable options from connecting with you. It’s easy to be seduced by the mature, successful man who loves to flirt and has the confidence to get anyone he wants. Falling under the love rat’s spell makes you totally blinkered to the fact that there are lots of hot and horny single guys who are looking to meet their match.

As long as you remain devoted to the mated and unavailable man, in the hope that he’ll leave his spouse for you, you’re missing out on great opportunities to date fun and sexy guys that won’t put conditions on you or your relationship.

Check out potential suitors on our gay chat line today!

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How To Bag That Second Date

Happy gay couple

If there’s a spark of chemistry on the first date, it’s crucial to play it cool, if you want to be in with a chance of bagging date number 2! Our practical tips will help you and show you how to bag that second date…

When your friends are all happily paired up with a love interest, it can easily feel like you’re the only person who doesn’t know how to get a boyfriend. With 8 billion people on the planet, there’s unlimited potential to find someone you can date or hook up with.

On Gay Adult Chat there are real men waiting to chat, flirt and date you. On a first date, with a hot guy you fancy, you can build on the rapport that you’ve already established via sending and receiving flirty messages, and chatting on the UK’s busiest gay phone chat line service for hours.

Ramp up the rapport

So, you’ve clicked with a guy you’ve been flirting with online, and it’s now time to meet in person… Besides following the obvious dating etiquette rules regarding good grooming, being on time, and showing off your charismatic personality, it’s important to put some effort into ramping up the rapport on a first date.

Create a feeling of intimacy, by making eye contact when you’re chatting and flirting, and matching their body language by using the mirroring technique. Lean in when they do, and gently touch their arm, to show your date that you’re definitely interested in them.

Keep it positive

Chat about the things you have in common, and ask your date to share stories about his life. Pay attention to his every word and ask questions that keep the conversation going, to let him know that you’d love to get to know him better.

If his jokes are genuinely funny, tell your date that he’d make a great stand up comic. Paying sincere complements will make him feel good, and also create a positive memory of the time you’ve spent together.

It’s best to avoid talking about sex, politics or controversial topics. Instead, focus on discovering each other’s likes and dislikes, passions and hobbies. The more comfortable that he feels in your company, the greater the chance that he’ll want to see you again.

Be yourself

The right person will love everything about you, so it’s essential that you let your date see the real you. Take ownership of your charming personality, quirky sense of style and wicked wit.

If you feel judged, undermined or uncomfortable being yourself in someone’s company, they’re clearly not on the same wavelength as you. Bagging a second date with Mr Wrong is really not worth the time and energy, if you’re serious about finding a soulmate.

Learn to accept rejection

On your journey to find Mr Right, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience rejection. Not every guy you meet will be genuine, authentic and looking for a romantic relationship with you. Sometimes, the connection that you have with a hot guy will quickly lose steam, or you may be ghosted after the first date.

Learning to accept that rejection is part of the dating game and life will enable you to regain your confidence, and the desire to continue on your quest to find your perfect partner. It’s also essential to learn from your own behaviour, and to set boundaries and higher standards for yourself. You will always attract the type of person that’s aligned with your vibe, so put some effort into raising that too!

Chatting with friendly guys on Gay Adult Chat is a great morale booster, if you’ve recently experienced dating disappointment. You can practice your flirting and seduction techniques, and explore connections with men that you may consider to be not your usual type. Your ideal love match will stand out from the crowd, and will definitely be on your unique wavelength.


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Undateable Types To Avoid On A Hook Up Site

You can have a lot of fun chatting and flirting with hot guys that you’ve clicked with on Gay Adult Chat. The UK’s busiest gay phone chat service is where you’ll find tons of horny guys looking for a hook up. You will though come across some undateable types to avoid on our hook up site.

While there are plenty of friendly real men from all over the UK that are keen to date you, there are also a few types that are best avoided.

The Macho Man

The Macho Man is all about outward perfection. He prides himself on his physical appearance, and judges others likewise. You’ll easily spot him, as his dating profile pic will be showing off rock hard abs or another body part that he’s worked on.

As Macho Man is solely focused on his good looks, he’s likely covering up internalised issues that he refuses to deal with. His personality and conversational skills may also be somewhat lacking.

On a date night, you’ll be expected to complement Macho Man on his physique, and to keep the conversation going. This guy is only interested in hooking up with hot men who share his insecurities.

The Racist

The good-looking dude with the overly detailed profile often has a preference for his own race. Regardless of how damn hot he looks, he’s really not worth your time and energy, if he’s picky about skin colour, ethnicity or nationality.

The Sizeist

Unlike Macho Man, who’s obsessed with his own body, the Sizeist is more concerned about yours.

This sly guy is exceptionally picky about everyone’s body size. He’s unlikely to give you a second glance, if your body isn’t buff enough or your body shape and physique don’t conform to his particular personal preferences. And his precise sizing requirements are not restricted to clothes-on appearance. What you’re packing in your underpants also matters to the Sizeist.

The ‘Raw’ Guy

Although sex without a condom feels great, making that requirement an essential obligation is definitely a deal breaker. Unfortunately, the ‘Raw’ Guy doesn’t pay attention to other people’s sexual health or personal preferences.

The gay guy who’s into barebacking gets his kicks from risky sexual practices, and is best avoided if you want to enjoy sex that’s safe. If he’s upfront and direct about what he likes, simply let him know you’re just not into the same things.

Sometimes though, the ‘Raw’ Guy may not come clean until the situation gets passionate on a hot date. If that’s the case, don’t let him pressure you into doing anything that’s not right for you.

The ‘I’m Not Sure What I’m Looking For’ Guy

As it’s so easy to connect live for 1-2-1 NSA flirting fun on Gay Adult Chat, from time to time you may find that you click with the ‘I’m Not Sure What I’m Looking For’ Guy.

The dude that creates a dating profile or sends a cheeky message before he knows what he’s looking for is likely to arrange a date, and then let you down because he’s changed his mind. Time spent chatting and flirting with this guy won’t get you anywhere.

If he only wants to chat, let him know that your time is limited, as you could be having fun, and sex, with someone who’s genuinely interested.

The ‘Relationship Only’ Guy

The ‘Relationship Only’ Guy is often found lurking on chat and hook up sites, simply because he’s covering all bases, in the hope of finding Mr Right. If you click with him, beware of the connection moving far too quickly.

Guys who are in a hurry to move beyond casual dating are mostly compensating. This guy may be recently single after the breakup of a long-term relationship, or just super needy.

If you’re only keen on dating Mr Right Now, take control of the situation and let him know what you’re looking for, before he gets in too deep.

The Potential Stalker

If you suddenly find that there’s one guy who’s paying you a LOT of attention, on a hook up site, beware. Being love bombed may initially stroke your ego, but no one wants to end up with a crazy stalker who’s obsessed with you.

The PS will bombard you with messages, texts and dick pics long before you’ve even agreed to meet on a date.

When chatting and flirting with hot guys on Gay Adult Chat always play safe, whether you’re sharing personal information, meeting in person, or hooking up for casual sex.

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5 Reasons To Have A Christmas NSA Hook Up

The festive season can often lack a special spark of magic for many people. Whether you’re spending Xmas alone, or feel duty bound to be around the family, a NSA hook up can certainly give you something to look forward to beyond unwrapping the presents laid out under the Christmas tree.

Here are 5 reasons why a Christmas NSA hook up should be on your festive wish list this year…

  1. It’s exciting and thrilling

Having sex with someone you’ve just met can be intoxicating and addictive. Hopping into bed with a stranger who is as hot and horny as you can be a mind-blowing experience, and a pleasurable long-lasting memory.

If you’re freshly out of a long-term commitment or a shorter-term romantic relationship didn’t work out, hooking up for NSA casual sex can feel absolutely liberating. Casual one-night stands can be the perfect antidote to getting over a gay relationship break up. Cheating on your partner can be equally thrilling though!

If you’re in an open relationship, you can explore the possibilities of a kinky ménage a trois this Christmas. Just make sure that your partner is as keen on the idea, before you suggest it to the sexy stranger that you’re flirting with on GayAdultChat.

  1. You can learn something new

Hooking up with different guys adds variety to your sexual repertoire. On GayAdultChat you can easily connect with lots of interesting real men who can teach you something new. On the live 1-2-1 chat you can flirt with friendly and open-minded men and exchange private messages that get you feeling all hot and bothered.

Friendly banter can quickly develop into salacious seduction, if you play your cards right. You can practice your flirting techniques, discover what other guys like in and out of the sheets, and also explore your sexuality on a deeper level. On a NSA date with the guy you fancy, you’ll be able to put what you’ve learned into physical practice.

  1. You can gain a new sexual perspective

It’s common for men who have been in a committed relationship for a long time, or single for ages, to temporarily lose their sexual identity. In-frequent or repetitive sex can make you doubt your hotness and sexual prowess, or seriously question your own sexual desires, wants and needs.

A Christmas NSA hook up can perk you up by giving you a new sexual perspective. A no-strings intimate encounter is the shake-up you need to wake up your libido and put a spring in your step. The exciting experience can help you let go of repressed feelings of guilt or shame, and encourage you to more fully express and embrace your sexuality.

  1. Get a massive ego boost

Having a sexy stranger outrageously flirt with you is a guaranteed way to get a massive ego boost. Reading and hearing comments about your appearance or personality can make you feel attractive and desirable, and boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

When chatting to hot guys on GayAdultChat be sure to take the time to pay ego-boosting complements that make other people feel great too. Being genuine and sincere with your complements is important, if you want to be in with a chance of hooking up on a Christmas NSA date.

On a no-strings one-night stand at Christmas, or at any other time of the year, you don’t have to think beyond the first date. This means that you can relax and simply enjoy the raunchy experience without worrying about whether or not the connection is going anywhere. Instead, see it as a prime opportunity to stroke your ego and to explore and exercise your true sexual nature.

  1. It sets you up for a great New Year

An enjoyable and pleasurable Christmas NSA hook up can help to set the tone for a sex-fest New Year. Having a horny encounter with a hot guy you’ve clicked with on GayAdultChat can inspire you to make resolutions that benefit your sex life, as well as positive lifestyle changes that support your new sexually liberated outlook.

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7 Ways To Spot If He’s A Keeper

When you’re dating, and looking to make a connection with a committed romantic partner, it can difficult to identify if the guy you’re interested in is Mr. Right. Let us help you spot if he’s a keeper.

On GayAdultChat, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to have fun flirting and exploring NSA and romantic possibilities with genuine guys from all over the UK. But unless you’re a dating expert, you may not know how to spot the compatibility clues that define keeper potential.

To discover if you’re onto a good thing with the guy that you’re currently pursuing or dating, here are 7 clues that will let you know if you’re found Mr Right or Mr OK-for-now…

  1. Keepers are emotionally available

A keeper is someone who is comfortable expressing feelings and emotions. He’s not weighed down by emotional baggage that he hasn’t dealt with. The qualities of being open, honest, down-to-earth and trustworthy enhance his confidence and charisma, and make the sexual chemistry highly charged between two compatible people.

Transparency is important to the emotionally available keeper who doesn’t feel the need to hide any aspect of who he is. He’ll naturally expect you to be equally transparent. If you’re into playing the field or mind games, this serious contender for your heart may well be worth giving up your old habits.

  1. Keepers know their worth

A man who knows that he has desirable keeper qualities will also have a realistic sense of his own self-worth and value. This guy doesn’t have to impress anyone to get what he wants and needs in life.

Having a strong sense of identity means that the keeper knows what he brings to a long-term relationship. Unless your self-concept is identically positive and balanced, you may not be his perfect match.

  1. Keepers are self-accountable

Keepers understand that a long-term love relationship requires commitment and consistency for it to work. They also know that self-accountability is incredibly sexy.

Learning from his past has made the keeper self-accountable, and able to plan for a happy future with confidence. As a genuine keeper is no push over, don’t expect him to give up his beliefs or point of view, just to keep things sweet. He takes great pride in holding himself accountable for his words, actions and deeds.

  1. Keepers prioritise self-love

Keepers pride themselves in being the best that they can be. They practice self-love and stay physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Whilst having an appealing appearance is also important, a keeper doesn’t have the need to spend more time in the bathroom than you, pampering and preening. Instead, his focus is on ensuring that his high vibe energy remains uncompromised by people and relationships that are toxic.

  1. Keepers go with the flow

Keepers tend to have a relaxed, laidback and philosophical approach to life. They also value genuine connections that grow organically over time. It’s not their style to chase, fool around, cheat or lie. For a relationship to work with a keeper, you may have to change your player ways, if you’re into coaxing, persuading or manipulating a partner to get what you want.

  1. Keepers stay interested

Unlike the player or NSA lover that quickly gets bored and moves on, a keeper knows that you have to work at staying interested. He’s not afraid to look for ways to keep the romantic connection fresh, fun and exciting. This guy brings a lot of good things into a relationship, and he’s resourceful at coming up with entertaining plans and ideas to keep you happy.

  1. Keepers are the real deal

If you’re looking for a loving relationship that goes the distance, don’t waste your time flirting with hot guys that only want one thing. The keeper isn’t shy about being upfront and expressing genuine interest in the person that he feels is the One.

On GayAdultChat you could get super lucky and instantly connect with a keeper. Or you can have tons of fun while you search for the guy who has real keeper potential.

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The Advantages Of Dating An Older Man

Sexy older manChatting, flirting and hooking up with hot and horny guys is super fun and easy on Gay Adult Chat – the UK’s busiest gay phone chat line service. With so many real men available nationwide, you have unlimited opportunities to date someone who is mature and experienced. So what are the advantages of dating an older man?

Whether it’s the charm of a wise and intelligent fatherly figure, or the well-maintained looks of a sexy silver fox that turns you on the most, exploring a connection with an older man has never been easier.

If you’re a regular on the online gay dating scene, chances are that you’ve probably dated plenty of guys that are the same age as you, or perhaps younger. Dating older men however offers many advantages, especially if you’re looking for a committed relationship.

He knows who he really is

On the dating scene, the older guy has a lot more to offer than his more youthful rival. As the mature man is at a different stage in life, he’s probably had his midlife crisis and discovered who he really is. He’s also more likely to be solvent, comfortable and settled, and to know exactly what he wants.

The older man really is a prize catch. As he’s got tons of flirting, dating and relationship experience under his belt, he’ll be able to teach you a thing or two, and also give you a refreshing alternative perspective on life.

He’s a good communicator

A guy who is older than you in years is far more likely to be a good communicator than your peers. He’s completely at ease in social settings, loves to share his knowledge with others, and has no need to show off. He may also be a natural mentor who freely offers words of wisdom and guidance to others.

As a good communicator, the senior guy values authenticity and has little time for BS or drama. This means that you won’t have to deal with any game playing, as you progress your connection from friendly flirting to something more meaningful and intimate.

He’s got experience

An older man has played the field and has got his s**t together. He’s more confident and self-assured than his younger counterpart, and isn’t inclined to pretend to be something he’s not. If you invite him to share his wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom with you, he’ll happily teach you how to enjoy life, and how be a better lover.

He’ll appreciate that you’re a willing young student, and will gladly take the lead in building a connection with you. If you want to impress him, show your maturity by taking responsibility for keeping your flirty promises.

He’s better in bed

A guy who’s older than you will probably have a stronger sense of self, more sexual experience, and a better technique in bed. While he’s long past his sexual peak, he knows how to maintain his prowess and stamina, and how to expertly stimulate and tantalise your sweet spots.

When dating a senior gent, it would be foolish not to take full advantage of your primary asset – your youth. From his perspective, youthfulness is an attractive quality. If there’s a big age gap between you and the mature man that you fancy, tease him by acting your age and playing out his wildest fantasy. Let him be your sugar daddy, if it floats his boat.

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5 Date Night Seduction Tips

You’ve clicked with a sexy stranger on GayAdultChat, the UK’s busiest gay phone chat line service, and now you’re making plans to hook up on a hot date… As you’ll undoubtedly be excited about the prospect of meeting your crush in the flesh, it’s helpful to brush up on your seduction skills, if you want to guarantee that you’ll have a night to remember. Our 5 practical date night seduction tips will boost your flirting confidence, and impress the guy that you’re keen to get to know better…

  1. Upgrade Your Grooming Habits

A man’s grooming habits say a lot about his personality, self-confidence and self-image. If you don’t already practice good self-care and hygiene, it’s definitely time to start before you hook up on a date with your latest crush.

Give yourself a top to toe grooming makeover. When showering, pay extra attention to the areas of the body where sweat glands are more active. Do some manscaping, if required.

Wear clean clothes that fit you properly. Never be tempted to recycle a shirt because it’s your ‘lucky’ one, but you just didn’t have time to wash it.

It’s a fact that aroma enhances any experience, so make sure that you finish off your grooming with a splash of your favourite intoxicating masculine fragrance. When you look good and smell amazing, you don’t have to work quite so hard at the art of seduction.

  1. Prep For Great Conversation

To establish rapport and build on the chemistry between you, it’s good to talk. Get the conversation flowing by starting off with some small talk. Good topics of conversation include likes and dislikes, current affairs, social media, or something that you have in common.

Once you feel relaxed in each other’s company, take the conversation to the next level. Ask your date questions about their job, interests, passions and hobbies.

You don’t have to be a comedian to crack a joke that makes your date laugh out loud. You can show off your wicked sense of humour by making a funny observation about your surroundings, or about yourself.

You can slip in some flirtatious banter at any stage in the conversation. When your comments are accompanied with a playful touch on their arm, your date will be clear about your interest.

Throw in a few sincere compliments too. Be cheeky and playful but not overtly sexual, when passing comment on your date’s looks and appearance.

  1. Focus On Him, Not Yourself

Smart guys do far more listening than talking. They know the secret to discovering a whole lot about another person is to focus all attention on them. Your attentiveness will make your date feel like you only have eyes for them. And when it’s your turn to speak, they’ll think that every word you utter is a pearl of wisdom.

  1. Use Body Language

Flirting face-to-face, with the hot guy you clicked with on GayAdultChat, gives you an opportunity to practice seduction techniques that incorporate body language. Many animal species engage in signalling sexual interest in this way.

Flash a smile to let him know that you’re friendly and approachable. Make sure that your gestures are open – void crossing your arms across your chest – to encourage reciprocal behaviour.

The simple and subtle gesture of making eye contact, averting your gaze, and then looking back again can be incredible seductive. As too is a seemingly absentminded touch on the forearm, while you’re engaged in flowing conversation.

When you’re naturally in synch with someone you fancy, you’ll mirror their gestures and movements without even noticing.

Leaning in close, when chatting and flirting, makes the connection more intimate. However, if your date pulls back, it’s a signal that you’re coming on too strong.

  1. Be Authentic

On GayAdultChat you can connect with genuine gay, bi and straight men that are the real deal. The biggest turn on for anyone on a date is knowing that you’re flirting with a hot guy who is authentic, and interested in you.

Even if you feel shy or nervous, don’t try to cover it up with bravado or a fake persona. Relax and admit that you’re just excited about meeting your crush in person.


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5 Reasons To Date Off Type

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic eternally searching for the One, or a guy who enjoys the excitement of the chase that leads to NSA hooks up, taking a risk and dating off type could reward you with a pleasant surprise. It could be that your perfect match is not the type of man that you expected!

On GayAdultChat you have unlimited opportunities to chat, flirt and date thousands of real men from all over the UK. While sticking to your usual type may certainly get you plenty of fun and flirty messages in your personal mailbox, this safe and predictable approach is also restricting your chances of being lucky in love.

Being open to dates with a difference instantly maximises the potential of your desired outcome. Need more reasons to date someone that’s not your usual type? Here are 5 whys you should definitely give it a try…

  1. It Makes Life More Exciting

The UK’s busiest gay phone chat line service is the perfect place to start making your life more exciting. If you’ve been single for far too long, or you’re stuck in a dating rut, GayAdultChat offers easy connection to thousands of hot, horny and available guys who are keen to find someone just like you.

Instead of messaging men who have photos and profiles that you’re convinced tick all your dating requirement boxes, you’ll instantly double your chances of success, if you send a flirty ice-breaker to someone who has a different type of appearance and approach.

If you’re a seasoned dater you may already realise that messaging guys who are very similar in type usually gets you the same kind of replies and results. To break the repetitive no second date cycle, you’ll need to be daring and open to the unknown. Stepping out of your comfort zone, and dating a man who is younger, older, shorter, less ripped, more hirsute, or of different ethnicity than your usual type, is all it takes to make life more thrilling and rewarding.

When you date someone who is off type, life suddenly becomes full of surprises and possibilities.

  1. You Gain A New Perspective

Dating someone who is different from your usual type can have a positive impact on you in many ways. When you’re constantly attracting the same, you can quickly fall into a pattern of behaviour that feels like your living a Groundhog Day life. Every date you go on can feel like déjà vu, with a predictable ending.

A guy that is not your usual type can challenge you to look at life from a new perspective. What he says, how he acts, and what he shares with you will expand your interest in trying new things and experiences. If he has a different ethnic background and heritage to you, you can also learn amazing thins about another culture.

  1. You Can Discover Complementing Qualities

Everyone that you meet is different and offers you a unique opportunity to discover what you really want from a lover and a relationship. While it can be fun to create a must-have checklist, when you’re casually dating and hoping to successfully hook up or find the One, being too rigid about the essentials can seriously limit the potential of you getting lucky.

Some guys may have a great personality but lack emotional maturity. Other men may not be on your wavelength intellectually, but perhaps they compensate with a wicked sense of humour. Chatting and flirting on GayAdultChat can highlight a variety of qualities that may be missing from your perfect partner checklist.

Even though an off type guy is physically different to what you’re used to, you could discover that you have tons in common. What you may not initially spot that he’s much more intelligently, sensitively, and romantically aligned with what you’re looking for in an ideal partner.

Dating someone different can open your eyes to complementing qualities and unique attributes that you’ve never experienced or considered before. What you thought you wanted could actually end up being less than you deserve.

  1. You Learn Something About Yourself

Dating someone off type can be a lot of fun. The chance to get to know someone new is also an opportunity to learn something about yourself.

An off type partner may have a different background to you, as well as unique likes and dislikes. As you’re getting to know them, you could learn that you love the differences that the new dating experience is offering.

Maybe you discover that you love the cuisine of a different nation, or that country music isn’t quite so offensive to your ears as you previously thought. Or perhaps you learn that you actually enjoy playing a sport that you’ve never considered trying, or that you have a secret passion for a new hobby.

When you date someone who isn’t your usual type, there’s always the possibility that you learn that you previously set the bar of your dating and relationship expectations far too low.

  1. You May Find Your Perfect Match!

If your string of bad dates is never-ending, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never find your perfect match. The harsh truth is: if you always do what you always did, you’ll always achieve the same result.

The easiest way to break the cycle is to date someone who is a different type, or your opposite. Your perfect match could very likely be someone who considers you to be a contrasting choice to their usual dating preference.

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6 Red Flags To Look Out For When Dating

There can be a number of red flags that pop up when dating.

Some of these red flags will give you sense of whether they’re looking for something serious or just a bit of fun.

It can be really difficult to tell who is genuinely looking for a long-term relationship and who is just looking for a hook up.

We’ve compiled a list below of some of the red flags you can look out for.

They ask for your number immediately.

They have no reason to ask for your number straight away. No matter how you’re conversing, it’s always going to be as anonymous as you make it, so there’s no need to exchange numbers before you’re comfortable.

If they’re pressuring you to do so, this can be a sign they’re not seriously looking for anything longer term.


They don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Regardless of what it is you’re saying no to, if they don’t respect your answer then that’s a big red flag.
It’s important to set boundaries that you’re comfortable with and people should respect that, especially if they want to build a meaningful relationship with you – friendly or romantic.


They only have one thing on their mind.

Sex and intimacy can be very important in a romantic relationship, but if he launches into talking about that immediately, then that’s usually all he’s looking for.
People aren’t just their bodies or how they look. For something longer lasting, it’s best to spend some time getting to know someone first.


They aren’t open and honest with you.

We all have little secrets. We all have things we might not be comfortable revealing to a potential partner straight away and that’s absolutely fine.
However, if they won’t answer basic questions or won’t tell you things about themselves, that can be concerning.
Be honest and open with what you are expecting from them and if they’re not willing to meet you in the middle, maybe it’s time to cut your losses!


Love bombing.

If someone showers you with love, affection, gifts, or extravagant things right at the beginning of the relationship, this is a huge red flag.
You might not even notice at first and just think they’re being caring and generous, especially if it’s not something you’ve experienced before as it can be very flattering. If it’s over the top, this is known as “love bombing”. They lure you in by thinking they’re lovely and generous and this is how the relationship is going to be, but the majority of the time it’s not sustainable and their behaviour changes.


They don’t want you to meet their friends/family.

If a guy is serious about a relationship, they should be honest with you if there’s an issue with meeting their family. If they just keep avoiding it or making excuses, this can be a worry.
Usually people want to show off their new partner and introduce them to everyone that they care about. If they’re not willing to do this, there needs to be a conversation about why, other something isn’t right.
Of course, you always need to be cautious when dating new people and always be alert for any of these red flags.
Make sure you talk about things and set clear boundaries and be honest with each other from the start.

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Lockdown Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Two men on a date looking at each other whilst clinking wine glasses

Dating has definitely been much more difficult during the multiple tims we’ve been in lockdown over the last 11 months, but it doesn’t need to stop completely.

If you’re looking for some date ideas this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered!


Chat on the phone.

We get so used to texting or messaging on multiple apps, that we don’t connect with each other like we used to, especially now we rely on this technology more than ever at the moment.

Chatting on the phone is a great way to either see if you’ve got chemistry if you’ve not met yet, or if you’re already seeing each other or in a relationship it’s a great way to feel a bit closer to each other whilst being apart for so long.


Watch a movie or TV show you love.

With the cinemas being closed during lockdown, we need to think of alternative ways to watch things together.

You can recommend movies or TV shows to each other and have a discussion about it, or watch it simultaneously. You can have a video chat at the same time, or compare notes during or after. It gives you something to chat about and something to bond over.


Have a romantic candlelit dinner.

There’s no reason not to still have that romantic candlelit dinner this Valentine’s Day!

Schedule a time where you can both cook a meal together or order takeaway and sit down and eat with one another over a video call. Things are very different this Valentine’s Day but there are still ways to be romantic.


Play games together.

There are plenty of online games you can play together. Whether you both own the same console and can connect through games on there, or whether you want to play something online like Geoguessr where you have to race to find out where in the world you have been placed.


Write each other letters.

If you’d rather not involve technology sometimes, writing letters are a great way to communicate, even if it is a bit slower!

It’s a much more personal way of communicating with each other and you could even send each other little gifts you think they would like.


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