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7 Ways To Spot If He’s A Keeper

When you’re dating, and looking to make a connection with a committed romantic partner, it can difficult to identify if the guy you’re interested in is Mr. Right. Let us help you spot if he’s a keeper.

On GayAdultChat, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to have fun flirting and exploring NSA and romantic possibilities with genuine guys from all over the UK. But unless you’re a dating expert, you may not know how to spot the compatibility clues that define keeper potential.

To discover if you’re onto a good thing with the guy that you’re currently pursuing or dating, here are 7 clues that will let you know if you’re found Mr Right or Mr OK-for-now…

  1. Keepers are emotionally available

A keeper is someone who is comfortable expressing feelings and emotions. He’s not weighed down by emotional baggage that he hasn’t dealt with. The qualities of being open, honest, down-to-earth and trustworthy enhance his confidence and charisma, and make the sexual chemistry highly charged between two compatible people.

Transparency is important to the emotionally available keeper who doesn’t feel the need to hide any aspect of who he is. He’ll naturally expect you to be equally transparent. If you’re into playing the field or mind games, this serious contender for your heart may well be worth giving up your old habits.

  1. Keepers know their worth

A man who knows that he has desirable keeper qualities will also have a realistic sense of his own self-worth and value. This guy doesn’t have to impress anyone to get what he wants and needs in life.

Having a strong sense of identity means that the keeper knows what he brings to a long-term relationship. Unless your self-concept is identically positive and balanced, you may not be his perfect match.

  1. Keepers are self-accountable

Keepers understand that a long-term love relationship requires commitment and consistency for it to work. They also know that self-accountability is incredibly sexy.

Learning from his past has made the keeper self-accountable, and able to plan for a happy future with confidence. As a genuine keeper is no push over, don’t expect him to give up his beliefs or point of view, just to keep things sweet. He takes great pride in holding himself accountable for his words, actions and deeds.

  1. Keepers prioritise self-love

Keepers pride themselves in being the best that they can be. They practice self-love and stay physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Whilst having an appealing appearance is also important, a keeper doesn’t have the need to spend more time in the bathroom than you, pampering and preening. Instead, his focus is on ensuring that his high vibe energy remains uncompromised by people and relationships that are toxic.

  1. Keepers go with the flow

Keepers tend to have a relaxed, laidback and philosophical approach to life. They also value genuine connections that grow organically over time. It’s not their style to chase, fool around, cheat or lie. For a relationship to work with a keeper, you may have to change your player ways, if you’re into coaxing, persuading or manipulating a partner to get what you want.

  1. Keepers stay interested

Unlike the player or NSA lover that quickly gets bored and moves on, a keeper knows that you have to work at staying interested. He’s not afraid to look for ways to keep the romantic connection fresh, fun and exciting. This guy brings a lot of good things into a relationship, and he’s resourceful at coming up with entertaining plans and ideas to keep you happy.

  1. Keepers are the real deal

If you’re looking for a loving relationship that goes the distance, don’t waste your time flirting with hot guys that only want one thing. The keeper isn’t shy about being upfront and expressing genuine interest in the person that he feels is the One.

On GayAdultChat you could get super lucky and instantly connect with a keeper. Or you can have tons of fun while you search for the guy who has real keeper potential.