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5 Reasons To Date Off Type

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic eternally searching for the One, or a guy who enjoys the excitement of the chase that leads to NSA hooks up, taking a risk and dating off type could reward you with a pleasant surprise. It could be that your perfect match is not the type of man that you expected!

On GayAdultChat you have unlimited opportunities to chat, flirt and date thousands of real men from all over the UK. While sticking to your usual type may certainly get you plenty of fun and flirty messages in your personal mailbox, this safe and predictable approach is also restricting your chances of being lucky in love.

Being open to dates with a difference instantly maximises the potential of your desired outcome. Need more reasons to date someone that’s not your usual type? Here are 5 whys you should definitely give it a try…

  1. It Makes Life More Exciting

The UK’s busiest gay phone chat line service is the perfect place to start making your life more exciting. If you’ve been single for far too long, or you’re stuck in a dating rut, GayAdultChat offers easy connection to thousands of hot, horny and available guys who are keen to find someone just like you.

Instead of messaging men who have photos and profiles that you’re convinced tick all your dating requirement boxes, you’ll instantly double your chances of success, if you send a flirty ice-breaker to someone who has a different type of appearance and approach.

If you’re a seasoned dater you may already realise that messaging guys who are very similar in type usually gets you the same kind of replies and results. To break the repetitive no second date cycle, you’ll need to be daring and open to the unknown. Stepping out of your comfort zone, and dating a man who is younger, older, shorter, less ripped, more hirsute, or of different ethnicity than your usual type, is all it takes to make life more thrilling and rewarding.

When you date someone who is off type, life suddenly becomes full of surprises and possibilities.

  1. You Gain A New Perspective

Dating someone who is different from your usual type can have a positive impact on you in many ways. When you’re constantly attracting the same, you can quickly fall into a pattern of behaviour that feels like your living a Groundhog Day life. Every date you go on can feel like déjà vu, with a predictable ending.

A guy that is not your usual type can challenge you to look at life from a new perspective. What he says, how he acts, and what he shares with you will expand your interest in trying new things and experiences. If he has a different ethnic background and heritage to you, you can also learn amazing thins about another culture.

  1. You Can Discover Complementing Qualities

Everyone that you meet is different and offers you a unique opportunity to discover what you really want from a lover and a relationship. While it can be fun to create a must-have checklist, when you’re casually dating and hoping to successfully hook up or find the One, being too rigid about the essentials can seriously limit the potential of you getting lucky.

Some guys may have a great personality but lack emotional maturity. Other men may not be on your wavelength intellectually, but perhaps they compensate with a wicked sense of humour. Chatting and flirting on GayAdultChat can highlight a variety of qualities that may be missing from your perfect partner checklist.

Even though an off type guy is physically different to what you’re used to, you could discover that you have tons in common. What you may not initially spot that he’s much more intelligently, sensitively, and romantically aligned with what you’re looking for in an ideal partner.

Dating someone different can open your eyes to complementing qualities and unique attributes that you’ve never experienced or considered before. What you thought you wanted could actually end up being less than you deserve.

  1. You Learn Something About Yourself

Dating someone off type can be a lot of fun. The chance to get to know someone new is also an opportunity to learn something about yourself.

An off type partner may have a different background to you, as well as unique likes and dislikes. As you’re getting to know them, you could learn that you love the differences that the new dating experience is offering.

Maybe you discover that you love the cuisine of a different nation, or that country music isn’t quite so offensive to your ears as you previously thought. Or perhaps you learn that you actually enjoy playing a sport that you’ve never considered trying, or that you have a secret passion for a new hobby.

When you date someone who isn’t your usual type, there’s always the possibility that you learn that you previously set the bar of your dating and relationship expectations far too low.

  1. You May Find Your Perfect Match!

If your string of bad dates is never-ending, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never find your perfect match. The harsh truth is: if you always do what you always did, you’ll always achieve the same result.

The easiest way to break the cycle is to date someone who is a different type, or your opposite. Your perfect match could very likely be someone who considers you to be a contrasting choice to their usual dating preference.