Why Gay Guys Love NSA

No strings attached (NSA) arrangements promise excitement, sex, and absolute emotional detachment. Being able to enjoy the fun side of a physical relationship, without getting caught up in the messy feelings part, is highly attractive to any man (or woman) who is horny or lonely.

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No Strings Attached – Busting The Myth

If you believe everything that you read in the gay media, then every gay man is constantly on the prowl for their next casual hook up conquest. It’s a myth that all gay gays are stereotypical and only into sex that is strictly no strings attached. While some gay men certainly love to partake in a lot of sex, others are pickier about the number of lovers they sleep with, or have common sexual hang-ups just like their heterosexual counterparts.

Some gay and heterosexual men may believe that the more times they have sex, the more masculine they are. This false belief can cause confusion, if you’re a man who doesn’t feel comfortable having casual sex and having it often. If you need to feel safe, respected, connected and valued, before jumping into bed with someone, NSA may not be for you. If you feel that something is missing in your life, having lots of sex won’t instantly make you feel happier or complete.

Confidence Boosting Benefits

On the upside, NSA arrangements can be beneficial in boosting a guy’s sexual confidence, body confidence and overall self-confidence. If you’re lacking in the three Cs, you may find it challenging to form relationships that are lasting, because you may not feel worthy or deserving of the experience. Having your ego stroked by a hot gay guy who thinks you’re sexy, can work wonders on your self-image and sex-drive.

Stress-busting Intimacy

It’s a medical fact that regular sex sessions can help to reduce your stress levels. Sexual stimulation triggers the release of feel-good hormones, like endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine. The cortisol hormone that controls stress also lessens, while you’re engaged in intimacy.

If you work in a highly pressured profession or environment, you may require a frequent outlet for releasing stress before it becomes pent-up. For many single men, a NSA hook up is a far more exciting option than a session of solo masturbation, or a visit to the doctor for stress reducing pills.

Plus, there’s growing scientific evidence that increasing the frequency of ejaculation can lower a man’s chances of getting prostate cancer and developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). You can also minimise your chances of developing erectile dysfunction (ED) by having sex at least once a week.

Extramarital Sex

The need and desire to have more sex could mean that you look outside of an emotional relationship, if you’re attached. Having fun between the sheets with a horny stranger is a tempting and thrilling proposition for a MBA guy with a higher than average sex drive.

If you’re in an open relationship, NSA connections offer an opportunity to get your rocks off without fear of the casual encounters affecting the emotional side of your romantic partnership and love life.

In Search Of The One

Some gay men use a hook up as a means of feeling out a potential long-term lover. A NSA encounter allows you to spend time with someone you fancy, so that you can explore whether there’s any real chemistry or the spark of a meaningful connection.

If you’re only interested in NSA gay sex, it’s polite to let the sexy guy that you have been flirting with, on GayAdultChat, know upfront that the amorous encounter will strictly be a one-night stand or a casual fling.

While you’re looking for the One, you could enjoy great nights of hot sex with no expectations. And if you do happen to connect with Mr Right, it will be a bonus!