Gay Dating

5 Date Night Seduction Tips

You’ve clicked with a sexy stranger on GayAdultChat, the UK’s busiest gay phone chat line service, and now you’re making plans to hook up on a hot date… As you’ll undoubtedly be excited about the prospect of meeting your crush in the flesh, it’s helpful to brush up on your seduction skills, if you want to guarantee that you’ll have a night to remember. Our 5 practical date night seduction tips will boost your flirting confidence, and impress the guy that you’re keen to get to know better…

  1. Upgrade Your Grooming Habits

A man’s grooming habits say a lot about his personality, self-confidence and self-image. If you don’t already practice good self-care and hygiene, it’s definitely time to start before you hook up on a date with your latest crush.

Give yourself a top to toe grooming makeover. When showering, pay extra attention to the areas of the body where sweat glands are more active. Do some manscaping, if required.

Wear clean clothes that fit you properly. Never be tempted to recycle a shirt because it’s your ‘lucky’ one, but you just didn’t have time to wash it.

It’s a fact that aroma enhances any experience, so make sure that you finish off your grooming with a splash of your favourite intoxicating masculine fragrance. When you look good and smell amazing, you don’t have to work quite so hard at the art of seduction.

  1. Prep For Great Conversation

To establish rapport and build on the chemistry between you, it’s good to talk. Get the conversation flowing by starting off with some small talk. Good topics of conversation include likes and dislikes, current affairs, social media, or something that you have in common.

Once you feel relaxed in each other’s company, take the conversation to the next level. Ask your date questions about their job, interests, passions and hobbies.

You don’t have to be a comedian to crack a joke that makes your date laugh out loud. You can show off your wicked sense of humour by making a funny observation about your surroundings, or about yourself.

You can slip in some flirtatious banter at any stage in the conversation. When your comments are accompanied with a playful touch on their arm, your date will be clear about your interest.

Throw in a few sincere compliments too. Be cheeky and playful but not overtly sexual, when passing comment on your date’s looks and appearance.

  1. Focus On Him, Not Yourself

Smart guys do far more listening than talking. They know the secret to discovering a whole lot about another person is to focus all attention on them. Your attentiveness will make your date feel like you only have eyes for them. And when it’s your turn to speak, they’ll think that every word you utter is a pearl of wisdom.

  1. Use Body Language

Flirting face-to-face, with the hot guy you clicked with on GayAdultChat, gives you an opportunity to practice seduction techniques that incorporate body language. Many animal species engage in signalling sexual interest in this way.

Flash a smile to let him know that you’re friendly and approachable. Make sure that your gestures are open – void crossing your arms across your chest – to encourage reciprocal behaviour.

The simple and subtle gesture of making eye contact, averting your gaze, and then looking back again can be incredible seductive. As too is a seemingly absentminded touch on the forearm, while you’re engaged in flowing conversation.

When you’re naturally in synch with someone you fancy, you’ll mirror their gestures and movements without even noticing.

Leaning in close, when chatting and flirting, makes the connection more intimate. However, if your date pulls back, it’s a signal that you’re coming on too strong.

  1. Be Authentic

On GayAdultChat you can connect with genuine gay, bi and straight men that are the real deal. The biggest turn on for anyone on a date is knowing that you’re flirting with a hot guy who is authentic, and interested in you.

Even if you feel shy or nervous, don’t try to cover it up with bravado or a fake persona. Relax and admit that you’re just excited about meeting your crush in person.